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We can't yet tell you the details and date of the 2019 edition of our gravel ride. But this is what is already known:

It's a 1 day endurance (160-170km) gravel ride in the Hautes Fagnes (Belgium).

There will be "some" climbing (around 2500hm).


We start together at 7AM (but we launch in small waves to avoid a traffic jam when you enter the forest). We believe a group start enhances the camaraderie en gives you the chance of meeting people that ride the same pace as you.


We try to give you an event that gives you a maximum amount of good rolling gravel or forest roads, some river crossings, a lake or 2 and a lot of great views. The ride should not be too technical but a few difficult sections never hurted anybody :-)


To give you the biggest chance of completing the ride, we try to give you the best possible feed stations. In 2018, except the usual food (fruit, endurance bars, waffles, cakes....) feed station 2 had sandwiches and feed station 3 had hot food and coffee.


And when you reach the finish a pack of fries and a beer (what else?!) will be waiting for you.


What we provided in 2018:


* a marked route

* a gpx-file as a backup

* 3 feeding stations (with BYE Nutrition endurance bars & normal food)

* Signallers along the route to help you cross the bigger roads

* basic Lezyne-tools to use at the feeding stations (but you are the mechanic :-) )

* a pack of Ritchey fries (with mayo and/or ketchup)

* a Bombtrack - Dirty Boar stemcap

* a La Redoutable beer (9% beer named after the famous climb "La Redoute")

* a Lauf bottle opener to open all your beers

* a spork by Vaude Store Leuven

* a place to clean your bike



Sounds interesting but you are not sure if you will like this gravel riding (or if you are ready for such a long ride)? Then check out our training rides.


Be sure to check out the pictures, videos and articles about the previous editions.



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