The Ride

The date

Saturday 9th September 2017.


Although the Dirty Boar is NOT a race, we will all start together at 7AM to stimulate the group feeling.


If you want to register for the ride : go to our webshop and buy a "Dirty Boar Gravel Ride 09-09-2017"


The course

The course will be about 170km with an elevation gain of about 2700m.


Clink here if you want to see the heightprofile.


You will receive a gpx track 1-2 weeks before the event.


The course will also contain some private or protected sections of forest/gravel for which we got approval to ride the day of our event. As a thank you to the owners, we ask you not to to ride the course outside of the event date.


Entry fee

Entry fee will be 40 euro (VAT included).


This will include :

* marked course & gpx track

* 2 feed stations (approx at km 50 and 110) with some products of BYE! nutrition

* time logging

* a unique DIrty Boar stem cap (offered by Bombtrack Bicycle Co)

* a La Redoutable beer & belgian fries (offered by Ritchey Logic) to fill your stomach at the end of the ride

* medical team at the finish


We will close registration an August 31th (or when the maximum amount of riders is reached)

The location (start/finish)

Terms, conditions & recommendations

Rue de la Piste 1

4950 Waimes (Ovifat)


Check this link for the Terms & conditions


We also have a few recommendations :

* Use a bike that is suitable for the event. Check out our news article Choose your Dirty Boar weapon

* Bring a GPS device and maybe also a USB powerbank/battery because the riding might take longer than you expected. We will provide you with the gpx track a few weeks before the event.

* The ride takes place in a somewhat remote area. So make sure you take all the necessary tools to handle common problems (flat tyres, loose bolts... and maybe also a broken chain). And some cable ties might be usefull for several things.

* You should be able to carry enough food & water to cover, at least, the distance between the feeding stations (60-70km)

* We recommend you bring some good lights. The front light should allow you to see the road and not just be seen.

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