The Lauf Grit quest

Congratulations on finding the 1st link of the Lauf Grit quest!

The Lauf Grit quest is a modern type treasure hunt with a Dirty Boar twist. And the treasure is a Lauf Grit fork

You can only participate in this quest if you are a participant of the Dirty Boar gravel ride

To be able to win the Lauf Grit fork, we will ask you to complete a few tasks. Together with each task you will get a route to the next location where another task awaits you. Until you reach the finish. The winner will be the person who first completed all the tasks.

As this is only the first link, let's not waste any more time and get this show on the road.

Task 1:

Take a selfie with a wild boar (it can be a poster, costume, stuffed animal....Be creative) and post it on our Facebook (or post it on Instagram with the hashtags #laufgritquest #dirtyboar and of course you can also tag @dirtyboar and @laufforks)

And here is the route to task 2:

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