Trappen tegen grenzen

(Pedalling against limits)

Sarah Boonicorn

(rides to fight cancer)


The Dirty Boar wants to see everyone ride a bike. And if possible in the forest/nature.

That’s why we choose to support a social project which enables “G-cyclocrossers” (athletes with an intellectual disability) to ride a (cyclocross) bike. Team “Apojo VZW” in Aarschot (Belgium) is successfully competing in the G-Cyclocross championships since 2014. The joy and enthusiasm found by these athletes when they race through the mud is what the Dirty Boar team loves about riding bikes! Unfortunately it’s not always financially easy for these athletes. By donating part of our profits to them, we would like to give them some support in riding their bikes and getting dirty. 


We also support "Trappen tegen grenzen", an initiative of Anneke (who rode Dirty Boar 2019). She wants to support people with a psychological vulnerability.

In September 2020 Anneke will be raising money by cyclng the complete border of Belgium in max. 14 days.

Anneke says:

Life is like riding a bicycle, said Einstein, to keep your balance you've got to keep moving. Sometimes i lost that balance in the past but my bicycle helped me to find a steady  & smooth pace. And it still helps me today. I started cycling to be able to live and in the meantime i am living to cycle as much as possible.

My bicycle is not only my favorite means of transportation but it's also a source of power and balance in my own battle with my psychological vulnerability. I now would like to use that power to help others. For those that are looking to find a smooth pace in their life but are hitting all kinds of limits in their search.

I will be cycling the border of Belgium and pedalling against limits for Uilenspiegel VZW.

Check out her website if you want to support Anneke.

We will be donating some of our profits to this cause.


Another Dirty Boar fan is Sarah. We want to support her in her mission to collect money for cancer research.

Here is her story:

Five years ago, I participated for the first time in the Belgian Cancer Fund’s 1000KM against Cancer. A 4 day bike ride of which the entry fee goes completely to cancer research.  

My dad had been suffering from cancer for the past 12 years. I myself had been diagnosed with a very early stage of cervical cancer.  

Determined to do my bit, I founded a women-only cycling team to participate in the 1000km. We were 8 girlfriends and we were all going to ride 125km each.  

Those 125km I had to ride gave me a lot of stress at that time, since this was my first 100 + km ride.   

Cycling bit me hard, so the next year I decided to ride 500km in the 1000km event.  That went very well too. 

Since then, I have become an avid cyclist and fundraiser.  

The 1000km is a fixed event in my cycling agenda by now. 

I have been cured from cervical cancer, my dad on the other hand will never be cured.  That’s why it is important fo me to fundraise for the cancer fund all year long.  The conviction that my fundraising through actions, events and cycling contributes to the quality of life and the life expectancy of so many people are very important to me. 

It’s 2019 now, and I have formed my own solo team.  I will be riding 1000km from Rennes (France) to Mechelen (Belgium) in 4 days in  the international peloton, 

On my bike, I transform into the Unicorn named Boo, a.k.a. The Boonicorn Rides.

You can support Sarah by donating directly on the website of the bike ride. Or by buying one of her kick-ass cycling kits.

We will be supporting Sarah in a special way. Stay tuned for that!