Lauf Grit quest

The Lauf Grit quest : A modern treasure hunt with a Dirty Boar twist

End of April we launched the Lauf Grit quest. The quest (and the “attached” Lauf Grit fork) was won by Toon Timmers. For the people that were not able to participate in the quest, we want to share the quest story of Toon Timmers.

Monday, April 24th:

The quest mail came in in the weekend with the start coordinates 50°33'10.5"N 6°07'26.8"E. As i didn’t have time in the weekend, I asked my colleagues and boss if it was possible to get the next day off. I thoroughly explained it was for “a good cause”, so they had no choice but to agree.

Tuesday, April 25th:

I arrived at Eupen, around 11 AM, it was a chilly 3°C. While getting ready to jump on the bike, I noticed that I left spare tubes and pump at home. I also only packed my short bibshort, but luckily I brought my cycling jersey with long sleeves, my gloves and my rainjacket. Because I was determined to finish the quest today, I started with what I had (I am Belgian after all). The route to the start coordinates, which I had plotted online, wasn’t very cyclable. My bike was on my shoulder a lot and that’s why the first 10 km took a full hour to complete. Arriving at CP1 the first QR-code was easily located and scanned.

The QR-code referred to the following website:

I started pursuing the given route to the scenic CP2. Locating the next QR-code proofed to be a bit more challenging, but I had the feeling a divine intervention helped me out at Kreuzim Venn.

The QR-code gave me a second task and a 10km route to the final CP.

More details:

The final part of the ride went very well, especially given the circumstances from the previous parts. But because that would have been too easy the weather turned Belgian on my ass, giving me rain, melting snow and even hail. On the way to CP3 I found an ideal spot for my first #lumbershot of the season.

When I arrived at CP3 the final search began. Under the bench I found the final task of the quest.

I headed back to my car and spotted a wild boar beside the road, which was perfect for the first task of the quest. I ended this trip with a smile.

Wednesday, April 26th:

The last task, finding a La Redoutable beer near my home town, proofed to be the most challenging. At the website I found some vendors, but no specific address was given, so I cycled around and in the fifth shop of the list I found the golden treat. And here my education as a zythologist (beer sommelier) came in handy:

Pouring this beer, it gave a nice dense white head above a hazy golden body, because it’s unfiltered. The head had a nice retention. After adding the swirled yeast it became pleasantly even clouded and the gold turned a few shades darker. The aroma had notes of yeast, malt, banana, pineapple, berries and spices. The flavour is sweet from the used malts with a lingering bitterness. The premium carbonation gives a hint of sour as well, which adds to the total package of a well-balanced beer. The finish is still sweet with hints of yeast and after all that the bitterness of the hops still comes through. It has a warming effect because of the alcohol level (ideal after the Dirty Boar). The mouth feel is full.

Then it was time to upload my pictures, leave the fun of the quest behind me and head of to work again.

I would like to thank Dirty Boar, Lauf Forks and La Redoutable for the lovely quest.

I wish the other riders the best of luck in the “Creative Grit” & “Training Grit”, but first and foremost a lot of safe and nice rides.

Gravel greetings,


Logs of the ride: