Slap a sticker on it !

As you might have seen in one of our recent Facebook/Instagram posts, we had some stickers made.

We will be making some more and distributing them across some bicycle shops/bars. So get on your bike and get your sticker(s). And of course we would love to see some pictures of our stickers in "the wild". Post them on our Facebook or send us a mail (by doing so you give us the right to publish it on social media).

Here is a list on where you can find them :

Belgium :

* Fietsen King - Leuven

* Rijwielen Cadans - Leuven

* Peloton de Paris - Mechelen

* Ride - Diest

* Fietsbar - Hasselt

* Café Coureur - Kortessem

* Gino Carts & Bikes - Oostende

* Steershop - Brugge

* Steil - Gent

* Opignoncycles - Saint-Remy

* Kring Dansaert - Brussel


* Cycles Get Lost - Lille

* Steel Cyclewear and Coffeeshop - Paris

The Netherlands:

* Just Pedal Bikeshop - Amersfoort

* Alley Cat bikes and coffee - Maastricht


* Look Mum No Hands - London


* Radpropaganda - Hamburg


* Velodrom Kaffebar - Odense