Training rides

Looking for a Dirty Boar training ride?

Well then you have come to the right place!

What better way to experience gravel grinding and/or train for the Dirty Boar, then to ride in the area where our Gravel Ride takes place.

Because the Hautes Fagnes are so great for gravel riding, we decided to put some training rides online. So you can download and ride whenever it suits you!

To go to the training rides: Click here

We have 6 training rides online, ranging from 30 to 120km. The 120km route can be a bit rough. You can also combine some of the routes as they cross eachother. Perfect for a (bikepacking) weekend.


* We did NOT check our training rides after the recent changes in legislation. So please be aware and dismount if necessary.

* You need a GPS-device to ride the routes (it's NOT marked).

* You ride these routes at your own risk

If you want to stay a few days in the area to do more rides, you can find a list of places to stay here

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