Why the Dirty Boar

Why the Dirty Boar ?

The Dirty Boar story started the weekend of 16-17 April 2016. That weekend, we (Jens, Hans & Tom) headed out to the UK (Kielder Forest) to participate at the

Dirty Reiver, UK's first gravelgrinder.

The Dirty Reiver turned out to be a tough ride in changing weather. But the scenery, organisation and people were so good that all the suffering was soon forgotten. Here is some data of the Dirty Reiver ride : Strava-log

On the way back home after the event and over a few beers we decided to organise a gravel endurance ride in our home country (Belgium).

The Hautes Fagnes area will be the arena for our ride as it has all the ingredients to make it a tough but rewarding ride.

We call it the Dirty Boar because, well, you (might) get dirty and the wild boar is one of the typical animals of the area.

Update: In 2018 we went back to the Dirty Reiver to enjoy the event again. You can find the story of our trip at RideWithGPS