Tips & Tricks: Hunting Season

Hunting season takes over the Hautes Fagnes from late September to mid-December. So, what’s the deal if you’re itching to hit those gravel trails? It’s a heads-up to all the gravel grinding enthusiasts out there. Just a bit of planning can make sure your ride is both fun and safe during these months.


To steer clear of any unexpected hiccups, like stumbling upon closed roads, we highly recommend doing a bit of homework before you head out. It’s a good idea to verify if any segments of your planned route might be off-limits due to hunting activities. A handy resource for this purpose is the website ChasseOnWeb, which has been thoughtfully set up by the Walloon government. Though it’s worth noting, the website is available exclusively in French. This small step of preparation can go a long way in ensuring your journey is smooth and interruption-free.

How to use ChasseOnWeb:

  • you can either zoom in on the map to the area you are planning to visit
  • or use the search box at the top left to lookup an address

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