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Our gravel ride is a single-day endurance gravel ride spanning 160 to 170 kilometers through the scenic Hautes Fagnes region of Belgium.

Riders start together at 7 AM. A morning group start not only enhances camaraderie but also allows you to enjoy the breathtaking sunrise above the Hautes Fagnes.

The route features well-maintained rolling gravel and forest roads, occasional river crossings, a couple of lakes, and an abundance of magnificent scenic views. While it is generally not overly technical, a few challenging sections can add to the adventure!


Hautes Fagnes


avg 170km


September 7, 2024


Anticipate covering approximately 160-170 kilometers and ascending about 2500 meters in elevation per day.

You’ll require a GPS device since the route is NOT signposted. We will supply you with the GPX track a few days prior to the event.

We recommend using a bike with at least 33mm or larger tires. The bigger the better (40-45mm is ideal). But any off-road capable bike in good working order can be used.

Carry enough food and water with you to cover, at least, the distance between the feeding stations (60/70 km).

The sunlight should last sufficiently for you not to require lights, but it’s advisable to carry a compact set of lights to enhance your visibility in case of fog or adverse weather conditions.

It’s a good idea to have a USB power bank or battery with you, as the ride may extend beyond your initial expectations.

Ensure that you have all the essential tools and spare parts to address common issues such as flat tires, worn brake pads, loose bolts, and possibly even a broken chain. Particularly, having spare brake pads is crucial if there’s a possibility of rain. Additionally, consider carrying some cable ties, which can come in handy for various tasks.

Camping in the parking area is not allowed. Explore these alternative options in the vicinity:

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